School Times for 2017-2018:

8:00 am - 2:00 pm


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About JAS

Jackson Alternative School is a unique school that serves as a setting for students who have difficulty functioning on a regular school campus.  Even though it is a restrictive environment, our mission is to rehabilitate our students so that they can return to a less restrictive environment upon completion of our program.  We provide individualized academic instruction, behavior management systems, vocational training, counseling, and social skills therapy.


School Mission

Our mission is to provide the resources to help each student develop to his/ her maximum potential and to become as productive and independent as possible at home, in the community, and/or during post-secondary education/employment.


Programs We Offer:


 The Center for the Advancement ofChildren's Learning 

CACL serves students from Pre-K through 12th grade who display emotional and behavioral difficulties. With a student:staff ratio of 3:1, students are offered intensive behavior modification, academic tutoring and counseling services. The goal of the program is to enable students to transition to a less restrictive environment. 

Aternative Choices Education
ACE serves students in grades 6-12 who are referred because of chronic disruptive behavior and /or truancy. Students work through a behavior levels system to earn their way back to the school of their choice. ACE also offers GED prep courses for interested students.
Short Term Alternative (4th-5th, Middle School, and High School)
STA is a viable approach designed to keep students in school. It offers an alternative to out-of-school suspensions, serves as a deterrent to truancy, and helps students who are portential dropouts. Its objectives are: To reduce the number of out-of-school suspensions; to reduce disruptive and delinquent behavior in the classroom and on school campus; and to keep students attending school.
Dress Code
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Dress Code •1.  Students are expected to be neat and well groomed. •2.  Well fitting clothing...

Elementary And Middle Schools
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